OpticVyu Construction Monitoring Dashboard Features & Preview
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    Image markup

    Any image can be annotated using simple markup tools to highlight areas of concern.

    Annotated images can be shared within the team or with the customers to pin-pointedly showcase the concerns/updates.

    Annotated images are saved in “Favorites" tab for future reference.

    Tag Event

    Tag an event to any image uploaded by the camera. Tagged events are stored in a separate tab called “Project timeline".

    Project timeline is an interactive platform showcasing construction progress via tagged images.

    All users on a given project participate to build project-timeline by regularly tagging images with important details.

    Add to favourite

    By the time construction reaches its completion, thousand & lacks of images get accumulated in the system.

    "Favorite" option allows user to mark few images as important.

    Once marked, these images are stored in favorite tab for future reference.


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