Construction Cameras

OpticVyu: Construction Cameras

Inspect Distant Sites Closely

OpticVyu offers security and surveillance solutions for a wide variety of projects. The company is growing in the field of remote monitoring of project sites and ensuring digitalization of project in progress. Our camera systems offer 24x7 unobstructed online monitoring of intended jobsite.

Dashboard Platform

The Dashboard allows users to operate multiple cameras from a single platform. User Interface also allows user to view archived images as per calendar date and time, create time lapse video, request live photos, compare images, draw, write and annotate over the image, email it thereby coordinate digitally across various teams involved in a project.

Our Camera Systems

Our specially developed camera system captures high quality images at regular time intervals. These images are immediately uploaded via cellular network to our cloud based server network. These images can be accessed by authorized personnel.


Emphasis has been given to keep archived data secured, and allow only authorized personnel (with valid user ID and passwords) to access archived images. The system automatically creates a data backup in case of a casualty. With successful closure of the project, we commit to provide entire data to the client.

Remote Access

We provide security and surveillance solutions for remote locations which are deprived of easy access to power and internet connections. Our solar powered camera system provides continuous power for camera operations even at the most inaccessible locations. In absence of cellular data, use of wireless bridge system (Nano-bridges) enables cellular network transmission from distant locations (20-30kms away) to maintain live connectivity. Term “Remote access” also includes the interiors of construction site which can be accessed using specially designed mobile application.

Get OpticVyu services and protect your jobsite from thefts. Ensure your money and time is utilized in a regimented manner.