Opticvyu time-lapse monitoring solutions

Comparison of Time-lapse Construction Camera Products and Features by Various Service Providers

Monitor your project with the best time-lapse construction camera service. Compare the product and service offerings of OpticVyu, Earthcam, Oxblue, Truelook, Evercam, Enlapse, Brinno, Photosentinel, Timelapseme, and Cam-do and select the best one for your project.

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OpticVyu vs. Other Time-Lapse Service Providers

Select the service providers below & pick the one providing you the expected features within the target budget. Please note that the below comparison of OpticVyu features with the other service providers is up-to-date as of November 2022 and, to the best of our knowledge, correct. (The information displayed is purely illustrative. For confirmation, check the supplier's website.)

Features OpticVyu Earthcam Oxblue Truelook Evercam Enlapse Brinno Photosentinel Timelapseme Cam-do
Time-lapse Cameras - 4-12MP
Time-lapse Cameras - 24-45MP
360° LongTerm Time-lapse Construction Camera
Integration With Any IP CCTV
Solar Powered Systems
Drone Data Integration
360° Reality Capture
Linear Construction Projects Monitoring
Material Tracking
AI Image Processing
AI - Persons, Construction Vehicles Or Gate Report
AI-image processing - PPE Detection
Integration with procore
Integration with BIM 4D model
Integration with BIM 360 ( Autodesk)
Interation with project planning
Integration with Aconex
Integration with plangrid
Time-lapse Video
Time-lapse Customization
Edited Time-lapse Video At Project End
Progress Report Creation & Scheduling
Auto Email Alerts
Camera Off Alert
Archived images
Photo comparison
Project Timeline/Multi-project/split screen view
Interactive Map View
Publically accessible open access page
Add unlimited users
Mobile photo synchronization
Optical Zoom
Image annotation and sharing
Measuring on image
Live image and streaming video
Built in 4G LTE
Weather Updates
Price Range
Free Cloud Version Available?
Price range(1-10 scale. 10 being the costliest) 1-5 7-10 7-10 3-8 3-8 4-6 1-3 4-6 7-10 5-7

OpticVyu Make Time-lapse Cameras

Choose the best time-lapse camera for your work needs. A variety of time-lapse cameras are available from OpticVyu, including 360-degree spherical panorama cameras.

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