AI-Based Image Processing Solution

OpticVyu offers an artificial intelligence-based image processing construction camera monitoring solution that enables you to detect construction vehicles and workers at your project site along with corresponding historical weather data.

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AI Image-Processing Possibilities

By providing real-time, distributed intelligence at the project site, Edge AI and computer vision are enabling new applications in the construction industry. AI image processing enables the construction managers to make better decisions. OpticVyu's AI image processing is trained to detect

  • Construction Vehicle
  • Workers

How OpticVyu's AI-Image Processing Works?

Data Collection

Images are captured through the OpticVyu construction cameras & stored on cloud servers.

Data Processing

Captured images are processed for construction vehicle, equipment & workers detection.

Data visualisation

All processed (labeled) images will be ready for visualisation through line graphs, heatmaps, & bar charts for easy retrieval of important information.

Data Interpretation

Data interpretation is more important than object detection. The OpticVyu dashboard includes a variety of graphs that present data in the simplest form possible to aid in the faster retrieval of critical information.

  • Line Chart
  • Heatmap

Line chart data shows the processed image data as peaks and downs according to the number of workers and vehicles detected on the jobsite for a specific time and date. You can also shortlist the image data according to specific vehicle types. When hovered on a specific data time, the corresponding vehicle and people count will be visible. And when clicked on a point on the line chart, the corresponding image with the labeled data will be visible.

Human eyes grasp colours & patterns faster than numbers. Heatmaps display consolidated 30-day hourly average data, allowing you to quickly identify the intensity of a specific object type at any time of day. E.g., specific hour of the month when there are no workers can be identified with a minute by inspecting its heatmap.
ai image processing line chart data ai image processing line chart data
historical weather data

Correlation With Hirstorical Weather

The interpretation of historical weather data along with the worker and vehicle charts leads to important conclusions and is found very helpful for billing and reconciliation purposes. Such a correlation facilitates a clear understanding of the impact of weather on site activities.

Example:- One can easily identify the reason for workers' unavailability at the site as the high rain or severe snowfall.

AI Alerts/Reports

AI image processing reporting offers a comprehensive suite of insights for diverse needs, empowering users with real-time alerts, historical trends, metrics, and advanced pattern recognition, all presented through intuitive visualizations. All the reports are automated, and users receive the desired report in their emails.

There are three types of reports/alerts

Instant Alerts

The Instant Alert Report generated by OpticVyu's AI image processing solution offers trigger-based insights derived from captured image data. This report is designed to provide immediate notifications along with processed image data when one or multiple specific conditions are met. The key features of the Instant Alert Report include:

  1. Alert triggers/conditions situation
  2. Relevant AI processed image
Instant Alerts

Recurring Reporting

The Recurring Reporting feature offers regular insights and analysis derived from captured image data over a specified period (Weekly/Bi-weekly/Monthly). This type of report is beneficial for ongoing monitoring and performance evaluation. When users opt-in for recurring reporting, they will receive emails for that specific period's triggers/conditions requested, along with the images processed.

Instant Alerts

Pattern Report

Pattern Report identifies recurring trends using advanced algorithms and visualizes them through heatmaps. This aids in proactive strategies, root cause analysis, and long-term planning based on evolving patterns in captured image data.

Likewise, recurring reporting users can choose to receive reports for a period regularly (weekly/bi-weekly/monthly).

Here, the user can include various person/vehicle objects, such as a person, telehandler, crane, etc., along with the weather data objects in the pattern report.

Sample Pattern Report
Instant Alerts
AI Detection limitations

AI Detection Limitations

AI-detection accuracy depends on many parameters. Detection is possible for objects up to 200 meters away; however, high accuracy is expected for

  • Persons < 40 meters away.
  • Excavators, dump trucks, cars, loaders, rollers, and small telehandlers < 60 meters away.
  • Cranes, big telehandlers, and cranes < 80 meters away.

High accuracy is expected with 24MP cameras. 4MP & 8MP cameras detect lesser objects with poor accuracy.

360-degree construction time-lapse video

AI Image Processing Demonstration Video

Detect & Track Vehicle/People on Your Jobsite

Consult our experts to implement an AI-image processing solution for your Jobsite requirements.