Convert Existing CCTV into Time-lapse Construction Camera

Any IP CCTV camera can be integrated with the OpticVyu platform enabling all the features OpticVyu Construction camera.

Still Photography

Video Storage

Live Streaming

PTZ camera

LAN Based


Existing CCTV

Any IP Camera can be connected.

Get Connected To OpticVyu

Email us at with the details of CCTV cameras installed in your facility.

Online Integration With OpticVyu Platform

OpticVyu requests online access to the PC/Laptop connected to the same network as CCTV for updating configurations.

Done Login To OpticVyu Dashboard

Visit the OpticVyu website & login through registered ID to access the camera feed & time-lapse videos.

To enable live streaming as well, we recommend LAN based internet connection with static IP.

Get the IP camera installed through a local CCTV vendor. OpticVyu team will remotely access the camera and integrate it with the OpticVyu platform.

For ease of accessing data, video feeds can be stored on the cloud. Cloud storage is a secure solution & can be accessed from anywhere. OpticVyu accepts the incoming stream of max. 1080p resolution captured at 8 FPS.

construction monitoring cctv

Let Us Get Started

Our experts help you in buying a construction camera or converting your existing CCTV in time lapse camera that is best to monitor your site progress.