Convert Existing CCTV into Time-lapse Construction Camera

Any IP CCTV camera can be integrated with the OpticVyu platform enabling all the features of a time-lapse construction camera.

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Converted CCTV Time-lapse Camera Features

After converting the CCTV time-lapse camera gets the following time-lapse camera features.

Still Photography
Live Streaming
LAN Based
Video Storage
PTZ camera

How the CCTV Integration With OpticVyu Works?

Existing CCTV

Any IP camera can be connected.

Get Connected To OpticVyu

Email us at or contact us with the details of CCTV cameras installed at your facility.

Online Integration With OpticVyu Platform

OpticVyu requests online access to the PC/Laptop connected to the same network as CCTV for updating the configurations.

Done Login To OpticVyu Dashboard

Visit the OpticVyu website & login through registered ID to access the camera feed & time-lapse videos.

Live Streaming & Video Backup

To enable live streaming as well, we recommend LAN based internet connection with static IP.

For ease of accessing data, video feeds can be stored on the cloud. Cloud storage is a secure solution & can be accessed from anywhere. OpticVyu accepts the incoming stream of max. 480p resolution captured at 5 FPS.

Connection Requirements

Requirements to connect a CCTV camera to OpticVyu Portal:

Primary Requirements

#1. Camera Type

It should be an IP camera.

#2. Remote Access

We would require remote access to update the configurations of IP cameras to integrate with CCTVTimelapse.

#3. FTP Upload

If the firewall is enabled for network security, we would require FTP port 21 to be open for the CCTV to upload data on the OpticVyu server.

Other Requirements

Live Streaming

If you also need live streaming, make sure to get static IP for your internet connection.

PTZ Live

Lastly, if you want to connect the PTZ Live Streaming Cameras, only "Dahua & Hikvision PTZ" cameras can be connected to the OpticVyu portal.

Best CCTV Brands For Integration

Any IP CCTV can be integrated with our platform. However, for best output quality, we recommend using the following CCTV brands:

Hikevision CCTV
Dahua Tech CCTV
Bosch CCTV
Axis Communications CCTV
Uniview tech cctv
Cp Plus CCTV
Milesight CCTV
vivotek cctv

CCTV Time-lapse Faqs

With OpticVyu, you can either install new construction camera on your construction site or can convert your existing CCTV into a time-lapse construction camera. Regularly asked questions:

Yes. Image data from your CCTV will be securely uploaded to OpticVyu servers & can only be seen by the authorized users (with valid OpticVyu ID and Password). All the images are called from our servers in a secure way and no one can access these images without valid login credentials. Also, your ID & password are transmitted to us in an encrypted form, meaning your login information is also secured. To add further, a user may enable multi-factor-authorization (MFA) to increase account security.

Yes! As we integrate your existing CCTV to OpticVyu portal, you will be able to use all the features of a construction camera.
  • Time-lapse videos
  • Instant & scheduled reports
  • Event timeline
  • Auto-email alerts

CCTV camera is an obsolete method of surveillance using low quality videos with limited storage capabilities. Construction camera offer the following advantages over CCTV camera:
  • Unlimited storage capabilities
  • High image quality
  • Require low bandwidth to operate
  • Produces HD time-lapse videos
  • Wireless connections
  • Synchronization of mobile photos
  • Easy and streamlined tracking of past event
  • Captures images which can be annotated/marked and shared with concerned teams
  • Photos = Efficient, effective retrieval of information!
cctv vs construction camera

No! The CCTV video streaming, local storage, event detection or any other preconfigured settings will remain intact while integrating the camera with OpticVyu portal.

Ready to Convert Your CCTV Into a Time-lapse Camera?

Our experts help you in buying a construction camera or converting your existing CCTV in time lapse camera that is best to monitor your site progress.