Material Tracking

How it works.

Material tracking is an extensive work for any construction site & involves many discrepancies. OpticVyu introduces Material Tracking Tool for better inventory management backed up with visual images captured at various control points like a loaded vehicle entry point, an empty vehicle leaving a site, its vehicle number, delivery voucher, etc along with locations of each image. For data reliability, the location of captured images & its distance from the center of the site is calculated & reported in case of any inconsistency.


OpticVyu dashboard allows you to create reports for

  • Material heading & type
  • Material received for the specified time period
  • Material received from a specific vendor
  • Assets or consumable material
  • Expenses

Integration with live streaming camera

To crosscheck the manually updated entries, a live streaming camera can be connected with Material Tracking dashboard. The camera's inbuilt image processing capabilities help in capturing images with any movement observed at the entry point. OpticVyu provides a one-month video backup on the cloud for auditing & approval purposes.

Mobile Application

The solution is tightly integrated with OpticVyu Construction camera Features & a single OpticVyu mobile application offers all the features of a construction camera & material tracking. The application can be easily operated by any storekeeper to quickly record material entries. However, multiple entries can also be filled using OpticVyu web application.