AI-Based PPE Detection Solution

OpticVyu offers an artificial intelligence-based image processing construction camera monitoring solution enabled with PPE hat detection.

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What is the PPE Detection Module?

OpticVyu AI module detects PPE & checks if a person is wearing a hard hat or not. The detected people will be categorized into three groups viz.


Person with PPE

Detects people and marks green those who are wearing a PPE hard hat.


Person without PPE

Detects people and mark red those who are not wearing a PPE hard hat.



Detects people with or without wearing a PPE hard hat but not recognizable.

OpticVyu Proprietary PTZ Image Processing Camera Solution

Image processing invariably depends on the size of objects captured in an image & its resolution. With any fixed position camera, images can be captured at a predefined orientation & persons captured are either close or far away. Sometimes, the pixel size of a person seems very small, so image processing becomes almost impossible.

Problem statements:

What if the people are not captured in the defined image frame?
What if the detected people are not clear enough to be processed by the AI module?


OpticVyu's proprietary PTZ camera-based multi-positioned varying zoom capturing solution ensures the image capturing in all possible directions with up to 45x zoom-in capabilities to yield the best results for image processing. Each site is divided into 25-50 presets (predefined viewing locations) to collect as many images as possible with utmost clarity. The camera rotates, zoom-in to different preset locations & captures images every 1hr & processes for PPE detection.

The requirement to Setup a PTZ-AI Camera:

We prefer to install the camera at the center of the site for maximum coverage with just one camera. The camera operates on an inbuilt SIM-based cellular network. External Wifi is not needed. A regular household power supply (230V-50Hz) is sufficient to run the camera.

Dashboard Features for Image Processing

The image processing dashboard is divided into two categories viz. a) Graphs, b) AI-data, c) Reports


Graphs give instant information about the people detected with or without PPE in any selected time duration.


The AI-data option gives detailed information about all the people detected with or without PPE on a given date for the selected present location.


Getting daily & weekly PPE detection reports is super easy with OpticVyu. Configured email ids receive daily or weekly reports with the summary of detected people. With automated reports, follow the site safety measures through email updates even when you're busy with other important work.

ppe reports
ai ppe detection module

Limitation & Working Range

Although the OpticVyu image processing module delivers one of the best output in the construction camera segment yet some practical limitations restrict the solution to reporting 100% accuracy:

  • The pixel size of detected people should be more than 5% of the shorter image dimension. For example, if the image pixel size is 2560x1440, the smallest detectable person size should be at least 1440x0.05 = 72 pixels.
  • For the same zoom level & frame orientation, a higher resolution camera produces better results.
  • A fixed position camera produces the best results for the people captured within 15 meters.

Sample Images

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