360° Image-Based Monitoring

How it works

OpticVyu interior monitoring module enables a virtual site survey via 360° images captured at selected control points across the site. Each project can be divided into multiple zones & numerous layouts can be uploaded for each zone. The images captured at the control points are systematically uploaded to the corresponding coordinate precisely marked on the respective floor drawings. Eventually, the end-user can see the popups on each drawing representing the points where images are captured. When clicked on these popups, the image timeline appears showcasing all the images captured on that point to date. Additionally, a date filter helps in fetching the images on a given date.

OpticVyu to perform survey & manage images/drawings:

While your site team is busy achieving the critical targets, the OpticVyu team will perform site visits, capture 360° image, videos of ongoing construction, upload the data systematically against respective drawings & keep the dashboard ready for you to witness the change in site status.

Site team to perform surveys:

Alternatively, the site team can also perform the surveys & upload data to the OpticVyu dashboard. OpticVyu team will train the site team to efficiently use the platform.