360 Degree Construction Interior Monitoring and Documentation

Monitor and maintain documentation of your construction projects on a single dashboard with the help of images, 360-degree images, and videos.

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Steps for Visual Documentation of Construction Sites

1. Upload layouts

OpticVyu provides an interactive platform to upload multiple layouts pertaining to multiple levels/floors. The platform enables users to easily access all the layouts and its 360-degree image/video data.

2. Create strategic points for the data collection on each layout

Controlled data collection is a sophisticated process & haphazard data collection may lead to the inefficient documentation of construction activities.
To address this, OpticVyu allows users to create strategic locations over which data will be collected till the project's completion. Each point refers to the area (say living room) where it is marked. This point will keep the 360-degree images, videos, comments & tasks list for the area it is representing.
Strategic points can be a) "normal points" supporting 360 images, regular images & localized 360-degree videos, or b) "walk-through point" supporting 360 videos of multiple areas or entire floor plan.

capture 360-degree images/videos

3. Capture 360-degree images/videos

To collect the data, the user has to visit the site & stand exactly at the strategic points marked on the layout & capture 360-degree images periodically. Images have to be captured through hand-held 360-degree cameras like Ricoh-theta, Insta-360 or Gopro.
Along with images, the entire floor video can also be captured & uploaded on a special point called the "walk-through" point.

4. Map the captured images/videos on layouts

OpticVyu interactive platform allows the users to easily upload the 360 images/videos captured at strategic points on the layout. Utilizing the mapping of 360 images to the respective layouts ensures the increased team coordination, control over projet timeline, quality assurance & easy visualtization of site status from remote location.

5. Access multiple projects' documentation from any device anywhere

OpticVyu responsive dashboard allows the users to easily access multiple projects & navigate through the thousands of historical images collected over the project duration. Organized documentation achieved through OpticVyu 360 degree construction monitoring keeps all project data at one place allowing project teams to collaborate & take informed decisions thereby saving time & money.


Check out the unique features of Opticvyu Construction Interior monitoring dashboard.

Timeline view

Timeline View

Access historical data pertaining to every strategic location marked on a layout through timeline view. All the images/videos etc will be visible in timeline view easy access of past dated data. To handle thousands of images collected over months & years, filter option will help readily access the data for a selected date.

Compare to review progress

Compare to Review Progress

Compare 360-degree images captured at different times to verify the construction progress. Select any two images from the timeline view for a side-by-side comparison to easily witness the changes at every corner.

Put Comments/snag list

Put Comments/snag List

Open any 360-degree image, put comments & mark team members for better communication to resolve the pending tasks. Users can also tag a comment with "pending" or "completed" status.

Create & manage task checklist

Create & Manage Task Checklist

Import the standard checklist for separate areas say conference room, living room, pantry, etc. Update the planned start & end dates for each activity. As the work progress, the user can update the percentage completion of given tasks. Marking percentage competition is made simple by checking the 360-degree image on one side & updating the %age progress under the checklist.

Reports generation

Reports Generation

Create reports for the current progress status of different areas marked on a layout. Users can check all the tasks, their planned start & end dates, percentage completion, etc. The single report will give the overall insights about the progress of construction activities across the floor and across the project.

Click here for a sample report.

360 Degree Construction Interiors Monitoring Demo

Monitor and maintain documentation of your interior construction projects with the OpticVyu construction monitoring dashboard. Play the video to see how the OpticVyu interior monitoring dashboard looks.

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