360 Degree Construction Interior Monitoring and Documentation

Effortlessly manage and document interior construction projects using a unified dashboard featuring images, 360° visuals, and videos for comprehensive monitoring.

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Why Use 360° Interior Monitoring?

360° construction monitoring facilitates seamless interior tracking with periodic 360° images and videos overlaid on layout drawings. The advanced reporting and documentation features of OpticVyu 360° interior monitoring simplify status checks, enabling remote visualization and issue highlighting.

Complete Visibility

Gain a holistic perspective with a full 360° view of your interior spaces.

Remote Monitoring

Keep tabs on your interior spaces from anywhere in the world.

| Key Features

Explore Our 360° Interior Construction Monitoring Solution Features

Capturing Modes: Point-by-point & Walkthrough

timeline view

Timeline View

Access historical data pertaining to every strategic location marked on a layout through timeline view. All the images/videos etc will be visible in timeline view easy access of past dated data. To handle thousands of images collected over months & years, filter option will help readily access the data for a selected date.

compare to review progress

Compare to Review Progress

Compare 360-degree images captured at different times to verify the construction progress. Select any two images from the timeline view for a side-by-side comparison to easily witness the changes at every corner.

Put Comments/Snag-List & Charts

Open any 360-degree image, put comments & mark team members for better communication to resolve the pending tasks. Users can also tag a comment with "pending" or "completed" status.

create and manage tasklist

Create & Manage Tasklist

Import the standard checklist for separate areas say conference room, living room, pantry, etc. Update the planned start & end dates for each activity. As the work progress, the user can update the percentage completion of given tasks. Marking percentage competition is made simple by checking the 360-degree image on one side & updating the percentage progress under the checklist.

report generation

Reports Generation

Create reports for the current progress status of different areas marked on a layout. Users can check all the tasks, their planned start & end dates, percentage completion, etc. The single report will give the overall insights about the progress of construction activities across the floor and across the project.

ai based ppe detection construction camera

BIM Model Comparison

Compare the interior project BIM 4D design model against the 360° Interior construction image to check if the construction is progressing as planned. To compare planned interior construction with actual construction, OpticVyu has integrated with BIM 4D model allowing users to compare the 4D model renderings against the 360° imagery captured from your project site.

| Dashboard Overview

360 Degree Construction Interiors Monitoring Demo

Monitor and maintain documentation of your interior construction projects with the OpticVyu construction monitoring dashboard. Play the video to see how the OpticVyu interior monitoring dashboard looks.

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360 Degree Construction Interiors Monitoring Demo video

| Navigating Success

Interior Construction Monitoring Benefits & Faqs

  • Comprehensive Project Oversight
  • Early Issue Detection
  • Enhanced Communication
  • Streamlined Workflows
  • Cost-Effective Solutions

360-degree interior construction monitoring captures panoramas, tracking progress comprehensively. It minimizes blind spots, enhancing overall visibility.

360-degree monitoring enhances issue detection, and communication, reducing delays, minimizing rework, and optimizing workflows for cost savings.

Implementation demands high-res 360 cameras, robust monitoring, and compatibility with construction management for seamless adoption and effective use.

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