Construction Camera & Monitoring Services

OpticVyu company provides exclusive construction monitoring services through time-lapse-based construction camera, 360-degree image-based construction interior monitoring & material tracking in India, USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and UAE.

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Time-lapse Based Construction Camera

OpticVyu develops construction camera offering site monitoring and management solution featuring HD images, Time-lapse videos, Auto-email alerts, Image annotation/markup, Sharing & Comparison, Project-planning/Procore/BIM integration, reporting etc. With the introduction of the free tier model as a budget-friendly alternative, OpticVyu becomes the world's most economical & affordable time-lapse-based construction camera service.

Alongside building & infrastructure, OpticVyu services can be utilized to create fast movies & time-lapse videos in other sectors like power, government, railways, oil & gas, agriculture, storage yards, tourism, marine, manufacturing & demolition. OpticVyu low price construction camera services can be availed in various parts of the USA, Europe, Asia, UAE, Africa, etc.

Project Tracking

Image Tools

  • Archived images- unlimited storage
  • Photo comparison
  • Mobile/Tablet photo synchronization
  • Multi-project/split-screen view
  • Image annotation & sharing
  • Add to favourite
  • Current & Historical Weather Data


  • Integration With Procore
  • Integration With BIM-Revit 4D Model
  • Integration With Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC)
  • Project Planning Integration
opticvyu time-lapse showreel
opticvyu 24mp construction time-lapse
opticvyu 24mp construction time-lapse
opticvyu 24mp construction time-lapse
opticvyu 24mp construction time-lapse
opticvyu 24mp construction time-lapse

AI Image Processing Construction Camera

AI image processing for construction

Vehicle & People Tracking

OpticVyu AI image processing camera solution for vehicle & people tracking is a cost-effective technology & is made affordable for every construction project. Using this solution, you can track the type & location of the vehicle and the workers on the Jobsite through an advanced AI monitoring dashboard.

PPE Hard Hat Detection

OpticVyu image processing PPE detection camera solution doesn't require LAN based internet connection to upload huge data to cloud servers. OpticVyu artificial intelligence module detects PPE & checks if a person is wearing a hard hat or not. It detects workers' PPE to check the safety measures followed at the site thus minimizing the manual efforts to ensure employee safety.

360° Image-Based Construction Monitoring

360° images & videos are captured periodically & are overlaid on the layout drawings to easily track the progress of interior works. OpticVyu advanced reporting & documentation features help in easy retrieval of reports to check the current site status. The project tracking tools allow users to remotely visualize the site, highlight the issues & share them with concerned authorities for effective team collaboration. Advanced interior-monitoring features can also be used for verifying the contractor's work before the payment disbursement.

OpticVyu tends to provide the end to end services by visiting the site regularly, and capturing & uploading the media data to keep the OpticVyu dashboard ready to use. However, the site team can also capture the site images & upload them to the layout using OpticVyu mobile app allowing 10x capturing & uploading speed as compared to the conventional methods.

Project Tracking

  • 360° Images Documentation Over Drawing Layouts
  • 360° Walk-through Videos
  • 360° Image Based Timeline
  • Interactive 360° Image-based Comparison
  • 360° Image Comparison With BIM 4D Model
  • Image & Walkthrough-based 360° Capturing

Reporting & Documentation

  • Image Markup, Comments & Snaglist
  • Manage Tasks & Planning
  • Reports
  • Snag-list Reports
  • Tasks Report
  • 360° Image-based Report

Access Control

  • Unlimited User Access
  • Multiple Projects & Drawing Access From Single Login
  • Company/Project Profile
  • User Logs
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Construction Drones

OpticVyu's construction drone solution, meticulously crafted, ensures unparalleled efficiency, precision, and safety for your projects. By harnessing the power of aerial geo-tagged drone images, videos, and immersive 360-degree imagery, OpticVyu empowers project managers with unprecedented insights. This innovative approach not only accelerates construction timelines but also enhances decision-making processes. Our construction drones offer below meticulous features over regular drones.

  • Support Drone Videos, Drone 360° Images & Normal Drone Image
  • Geo-tagged Data Visualization Over The Maps
  • Well Organized & Documented Drone Data
  • Information Watermark Over the Drone Video
  • Waypoints Capturing (Capturing At Exact Same Path As Earlier)
  • Compare The Images & Video Captured Over Different Date

Construction Material Tracking

OpticVyu material tracking app enables the site team to capture images & material delivery information & upload it to the tracking dashboard. Material inventory can be filtered by the material received for a given period & attached images of a loaded vehicle entering the site & empty vehicles leaving the site act as proof of receipt of material.

  • Capture images for various control points
  • Embedded lat-long for precise data collection
  • Filtering inventory by material type/date received
  • Assess consumable material and assets

Document Management Solutions

OpticVyu provides a document management solution under the brand name "SmartVyu". Easily access & review all the drawings and documents, including their previous versions on a single dashboard. Our Cloud-based document management and collaboration system allow teams to access project documents at any time. Once uploaded, all the documents are automatically shared with each project member.

  • Transmittals
  • RFI & submittals
  • Marking revisions
  • Integrated email service
  • Compare drawings


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