OpticVyu Construction Camera & Monitoring Services

OpticVyu company provides exclusive construction monitoring company services through time-lapse-based construction camera, 360-degree image-based construction interior monitoring & material tracking in India, USA & Canada.

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OpticVyu: Time-lapse Based Construction Camera

OpticVyu develops construction camera offering site monitoring and management solution featuring HD images, Time-lapse videos, Auto-Email alerts, Image annotation/markup, Sharing & Comparison, Primavera/ Microsoft project integration etc. With the introduction of the free tier model as a budget-friendly alternative, OpticVyu becomes the world's most economical & affordable time-lapse based construction camera service.

OpticVyu AI-based advanced timelapse customization options help you.

  1. Remove undesirable bright or dark images which create video flickering.
  2. Stabilize the video in case the camera is mounted on unstable support like tower crane etc.
  3. Increase video sharpness by frame blending
  4. Increase video smoothing levels by introducing intra-frame transitions.

Alongside building & infrastructure, OpticVyu services can be utilized to create fast movies & time-lapse videos in other sectors like power, government, railways, oil & gas, agriculture, storage yards, tourism, marine, manufacturing & demolition. OpticVyu low price construction camera services can be availed in various parts of the USA, Europe, Asia, UAE, Africa, etc.

Newly launched "World's first long-term time-lapse based 360 degree construction camera solution."

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Project tracking

    Time-lapse video

Time-lapse video is a fast movie showing months & years of project progress in a few minutes.

OpticVyu proprietary algorithm creates daily time-lapse videos updated till date. Additionally, user can customize time-lapse videos on demand.

For construction projects, time-lapse videos are the best tool to showcase construction pace & help in marketing.

Sample Time Lapse

    Instant & Custom reports


Create a instant progress report by comparing 2 images for better documentation.

Reports can be instantly downloaded, shared, or scheduled. Click here for a sample report.


Create a detailed report with multiple images selected from various cameras installed on your project site. OpticVyu's inbuilt image markup library gives plenty of tools for highlighting an issue with minimal effort.

Click here for a sample report.

    Custom/Advanced/Project time-lapse

    Event timeline

Tag an event to any image uploaded by the camera. Tagged events are stored in a separate tab called “Event timeline".

Event timeline is an interactive platform showcasing construction progress via tagged images.

All users on a given project participate to build event-timeline by regularly tagging images with important details.

   Interactive map view

For large organizations, the Interactive dashboard provides an excellent interface to navigate to numerous projects spread across the globe.

Not just the live projects but the completed/archived project's information is also available on this dashboard.

In short, the Interactive dashboard provides all the construction monitoring based information of your running & completed projects.

Interactive map view

   Auto-email alerts

Want to receive daily image notifications? No need to visit dashboard every day! Use Auto-Email feature.

Receiver’s Email ID and Email time can be preconfigured to receive timely email alarms.

Quick access to daily images keeps busy users in touch with project activities without putting in any extra effort.

Image tools

   Archived images- unlimited storage

Images once uploaded are archived in chronological order on our cloud-based server & kept in storage till project completion. Users can use the following tools to quickly access archived images:

Calendar based image selection tool allowing user to select archived image for chosen date and time, and “Thumbnail-View” allows user to see image thumbnails for a selected date

   Photo comparison

Compare images captured at different instances to identify the actual work progress.

OpticVyu interactive comparison tool allows user to compare image side by side thereby showcasing absolute construction progress at given location.

    Mobile/Tablet photo synchronization

Capture site photos from mobile phone and upload to OpticVyu portal using OpticVyu mobile application.

This helps in documenting photographs captured through camera as well as mobile phones.

Download the application for android user / iphone user

   Multi-project/split-screen view

All the projects & camera for one organization are mapped under one umbrella.

This allows a user to access numerous projects & camera from single login credentials.

    Image annotation & sharing

Any image can be annotated using simple markup tools to highlight areas of concern.

Annotated images can be shared within the team or with the customers to pin-pointedly showcase the concerns/updates.

Annotated images are saved in “Favorites" tab for future reference.

   Add to favourite

By the time construction reaches its completion, thousand & lacks of images get accumulated in the system.

"Favorite" option allows user to mark few images as important.

Once marked, these images are stored in favorite tab for future reference.

Admin/User settings

   Add unlimited users

Users are broadly categorized as Superadmin, Admin, or a normal user. A super-admin has the controls over all the settings including managing other users whereas a normal user has view-only privilege.

Unlimited users can be added to access the dashboard & different projects can be assigned to different users.

 Restrict/Manage users


 Unlimited custom time-lapse & archival

To meet various requirements, a timelapse can be customized as "One-time timelapse" or "Recurring Timelapse"

"One-time time-lapse" can be created for any time duration whereas a "recurring time-lapse" function automatically creates Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly time-lapse videos.

Parameters like time-lapse FPS, Quality, Duration & Time-range can be configured to achieve the desired output.

The video can be watched on the dashboard, downloaded, or shared with anyone via email.

Users can add custom time-lapse to archive for any future reference. Ex. for a building project, custom time-lapse for Floor 1 to 5, Floor 5-10... can be archived.

   Publically accessible open access page

OpticVyu offers a platform to remotely monitor numerous construction projects on Open-access portal thereby creating transparency in construction projects and allowing the common man to witness the infrastructural development of their region. Through open access portal, government divisions can centrally monitor all the construction projects across the country.

Open access page features multiple project/camera viewing dashboard, image archiving, time lapse videos, split-screen view, slide show, project info & project layout options.


Integration With Procore

Now easily manage construction camera feeds with procore. You can integrate OpticVyu with Procore and access your project timeline from a single dashboard.

Integration With BIM-Revit 4D Model

Compare the 4D design model against as-built imagery to verify if the construction is progressing as expected.

Integration With BIM360

Monitor and analyse construction site progress within BIM360 dashboard. You can integrate OpticVyu camera feeds with BIM 360 and can preview progress on BIM360 Insight platform.

Project Planning Integration

Connect project planning with construction monitoring imagery to validate the scheduled events with visual data.

AI Based PPE Detection Image Processing Construction Camera

OpticVyu Artificial Intelligence Module processes images captured by OpticVyu construction cameras & detects workers’ PPE to check the safety measures followed at the site thus minimizing the manual efforts to ensure employee’s safety.

OpticVyu image processing camera solution is a cost effective technology & is made affordable for every construction project. OpticVyu image processing PPE detection camera solution doesn't require LAN based internet connection to upload huge data to cloud servers. OpticVyu artificial intelligence module detects PPE & checks if a person is wearing a hard hat or not.

Sim based    Plug & play    Unlimited image storage    HD photography    Integrate existing CCTV    Outdoor camera

OpticVyu: 360° Image-Based Construction Monitoring

360° images are captured periodically & are overlaid on layout drawings to easily track the progress of interior works over the period of time. Either the OpticVyu engineer can visit your site for timely documentation of 360° images or the site team can deploy their staff to capture & upload the data to the OpticVyu dashboard.

   360° image documentation

   Multi-project / zone monitoring

OpticVyu: Linear Construction Monitoring

To monitor linear projects like railways, road constructions, transmission lines or to perform survey for longer stretch, OpticVyu has developed “Linear Construction Monitoring” solution. Geo-tagged photographs & videos captured at the field can be easily positioned on google maps for easy visualization of site status with respect to its geolocation. The system automatically extracts the location metadata from image file & save it in database. The portal allows user to upload.

   Easy uploading of images & videos

    Easy access to different media files

   Date-wise access to media files

   Image & video time-line for selected visit date

   Geotagged photo visualization on google map

   Drone flying path synchronized with video playing

   Adding info on the video to be displayed while playing.

OpticVyu: Material Tracking

OpticVyu material tracking app enables the site team to capture images & material delivery information & upload it to the tracking dashboard. Material inventory can be filtered by the material received for a given period of time & attached images of loaded vehicle entering the site & empty vehicle leaving the site act as a proof of receipt of material.

   Capture images for various control points

    Embedded lat-long for precise data collection
   Filtering inventory by material type / date received

  Assess consumable material and assets

OpticVyu: Drone Mapping & Monitoring Solution

Drones are playing a major role in Mapping and Monitoring activities in the recent past. Using drone technology, the real-time conditions of the construction area can be accessed easily and by comparing with the true BIM model, the deviations in the site planning can be checked.

In the case of Property taxation in Urban and panchayat local bodies, working with the conventional methods of the survey has been prone to a lot of irregularities in paying tax to the government organizations. This can also be overcome by drone technology efficiently.

   Construction activity monitoring

    Municipal & Panchayat Raj

   Mine Mapping & Analytics

   Railways & Highway Mapping and Monitoring

   Irrigation Pipeline Network & Open channel Design

OpticVyu: Document Management Solutions

OpticVyu provides document management solution under the brand name of "SmartVyu". Easily access & review all the drawings and documents including their previous versions on a single dashboard. Our Cloud-based document management and collaboration system allow teams to access project documents at any point in time. Once uploaded, all the documents are automatically shared with each project member.


    RFI & Submittals

   Marking Revisions
   Integrated Email Service

  Compare Drawings


Features Free Corporate
Access 1 camera per user Multiple projects/cameras per user
Data Retention 1 year Unlimited
Published On OpticVyu web for marketing Secured
Image interval 8 images per day 10 min.
Timelapse Default timelapse Default / Custom / Event timelapse
Reports -
Project Planning -
Interactive Dashboard -
Mobile Uploads
Auto Email
Comparison -
Project Timeline & tagging
Annotation & Sharing
Mobile Uploads
Validity Until project completion Until project completion
Split Screen -
Professionally Edited Timelapse At Project End -
Add user - Unlimited
Camera Tag -
Camera Info -
Camera On/Off notifications -
Timelapse Customization -
Integrated with Existing CCTV camera OpticVyu Make & CCTV camera
Scope Client to install CCTV & OpticVyu to connect existing CCTV with OpticVyu servers OpticVyu to install OpticVyu Make camera. CCTV installation in clients scope
Applicable for Any progressive project Any
Full list of features Contact us Contact us
Free Turnkey Self
OpticVyu offers free interior monitoring solution where users can upload up to two layouts. A maximum of one project can be assigned to each user. OpticVyu to perform survey & manage images/drawings: While your site team is busy achieving the critical targets, the OpticVyu team will perform site visits, capture 360° image, videos of ongoing construction, upload the data systematically against respective drawings & keep the dashboard ready for you to witness the change in site status. Applicable for the projects in Delhi, Mumbai & Hyderabad. Site team to perform surveys & upload data to the OpticVyu dashboard. OpticVyu team will train the site team to efficiently use the platform.
Price: Free Pricing: INR 0.1 per sq.ft of area monitored (Min. INR 4000/- per visit) Pricing:-
Monthly Rental Overall Floor Area
2,500/- per month Upto 40,000sq.ft
4,500/- per month 40,000 - 80,000 sq.ft
6,500/- per month 80,000 - 1,60,000 sq.ft
8,500/- per month 1,60,000 sq.ft & more
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