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OpticVyu's Aerial Drone Mapping & Monitoring Solutions deck your business promotion to the next level by saving time and money.

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Why Choose Drone Mapping & Monitoring Solution?

Using drone technology, construction site conditions can be assessed easily, and the deviations in the site planning from the actual site status can be cross-checked.

Working with the conventional methods of the survey has been prone to a lot of irregularities. Services like drone photography/video, aerial mapping, volumetric analysis & marketing videography are invariably used across the construction industry for a better outcome.

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OpticVyu, provides solutions to all these issues using drones in a holistic approach.

drone use in construction real-estate monitoring

Construction Real Estate Monitoring

Construction monitoring, planning & scheduling are the key functions in defining the smooth work progress of any construction activity. OpticVyu provides drone services to perform the following activities:

  • Real-time video monitoring, reporting, scheduling & planning
  • Change detection using drone imagery
drone use in municipal & panchayat raj

Municipal & Panchayat Raj

Defining the Boundaries of the Buildings / Land Parcels etc., with high accuracy is simpler using OpticVyu PPK drones. We provide high-resolution imagery using Survey grade PPK drones and can perform the following activities with ease.

  • Create accurate land records.
  • Encroachment and progress mapping.
drone use in mine mapping & analytics

Mine Mapping & Analytics

Drones play a crucial role in Mine planning and safety checking. With the kind of expertise we have, OpticVyu provides the following services using PPK drones.

  • Mine boundary demarcation.
  • Stockpile volume estimation.
  • Haul road, and Mine safety analysis.
drone use in railways & highway aerial mapping

Railways And Highway Aerial Mapping & Monitoring

Extracting the precise spot levels, Land Use, and Land cover information along the ROW using conventional methods is cumbersome. OpticVYu provides the following services using survey-grade drones, which help the planning, designing, and inspection of highways & railways easily.

  • Real-time video monitoring.
  • Mapping and feature extraction along the ROW.
drone use in irrigation pipeline & channel design

Irrigation Pipeline Network & Open channel Design

OpticVyu specializes in collecting large terrain datasets using PPK drones and can provide the following services using the advanced geospatial data:

  • Terrain Mapping at cm level accuracy.
  • Generation of DTM,DSM & contours.
  • Drone Ortho Mosaic Imagery.
  • Pipeline alignment planning and design of Pipelines.
  • DPR preparation.

Industries Benefiting From Drone Mapping & Monitoring

Applications of drone mapping and monitoring





Municipal & Panchayat Raj

Irrigation (Agriculture)

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