Railway, Metro, Road, Bridge, Airport Construction Monitoring

OpticVyu offers a linear construction monitoring solution for the railway, metro, road, bridge, airport construction, and other linear construction project monitoring.

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What is Linear Construction Monitoring Solution?

linear construction monitoring solution

Monitoring the construction of linear projects cannot be achieved by simply placing the cameras along the stretch. It makes the monitoring very uneconomical. To monitor linear projects like railways, road constructions, and transmission lines, OpticVyu has developed a “Linear Construction Monitoring” solution. Geo-tagged photographs & videos captured at the field can be easily positioned on google maps for easy visualization of site status concerning its geolocation. Data from the image file is automatically extracted and stored in the database as location metadata. The OpticVyu portal allows users to upload.

  • Regular images captured through mobile phones,
  • 360° images captured through Ricoh theta or any other 360° enable the camera
  • Drone images or
  • Drone videos

Features of Railway/Metro/Road/Bridge/Airport/Linear Construction Monitoring Solution

OpticVyu linear construction monitoring helps you locate the site visuals precisely on maps by enabling the following features:

  • Easy uploading of images & videos
  • Easy access to different media files
  • Date-wise access to media files
  • Image & video time-line for selected visit date
  • Geotagged photo visualization on google map
  • Drone flying path synchronized with video playing
  • Adding info on the video to be displayed while playing

Linear Construction Monitoring Applications

Monitoring the projects with longer stretches cannot be achieved by simply placing the cameras along the long stretch. It makes the monitoring very uneconomical. Capturing drone video is one of the simplest & most convenient ways of monitoring the construction of a linear project. But the interpretation of drone footage concerning the site location always remains a challenging task. Post-processing drone videos to put location overlay onto the video frame is a time-consuming task & add an extra cost. OpticVyu linear construction monitoring solution aims at resolving all these problems & provides a solution applicable for:

  • Railways track monitoring
  • Metro projects monitoring
  • Road construction monitoring
  • Infrastructure projects monitoring
  • Transmission lines monitoring
  • Performing survey
  • Preconstruction planning


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