Vehicle Detection, People Counting & Material Safety Camera for Construction Sites

OpticVyu provides AI enabled advanced vehicle detection, people counting & material safety camera for monitoring construction activities.

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AI-Based Construction Monitoring

Security industry growth has necessitated the development of more intelligent video monitoring. Due to a large amount of video being recorded, but rarely reviewed, it is easy to miss suspicious behavior. To minimize such risk, we recommend intelligent video monitoring. OpticVyu Video Content Analysis (VCA), an embedded application for selected OpticVyu cameras, makes it virtually impossible to miss such events or activities.

OpticVyu advanced AI-based cameras extend their capabilities to analyze the video in real-time & process for vehicle & human detection. At construction sites, the activities like vehicle entry/exit, people entering/exiting, people loitering, object removal from the site can be continuously analyzed & live video - images can be captured for all such instances for visual proof. The same camera can be operated in various modes depending on the applications stated below.

People Counting

people counting construction camera

OpticVyu camera provides AI-based real-time people counting data with utmost precision. Using region entrance/exiting, you can ensure that a special area is protected from potential threats of people entering it. If the feature is enabled, the camera captures & uploads the images when people enter/exit the selected region. The data can be analyzed using graphs to help understand the number of people entering & exiting a project site. By analyzing the people counting statistics, one can also identify the peak occupancy hours & can take fast decisions on increasing the operational efficiency of your site area. The people counting data is backed up by the live streaming video for a better understanding of people entering & exiting across the daytime.

Vehicle Detection

Vehicle Detection construction camera

The vehicle detection feature will trigger an event every time the camera detects that a vehicle is crossing a virtual line defined in the camera settings. The application is designed to work in most indoor and outdoor environments. At site entrances, this system is especially helpful for detecting vehicles if they cross the virtual line (say entry gate) & sends vehicle images to the OpticVyu dashboard which acts as the visual proof for future reconciliation.

People Loitering

People Loitering construction camera

This function prevents unwanted activities towards places such as non-trespassing areas, hazardous areas, heights, etc. by triggering an alarm when objects loiter in a defined area for an extended period. As soon as a person is detected in such areas, the camera captures multiple images & uploads them to the OpticVyu dashboard which can be reviewed by the site team to take necessary actions on time. For example, if a person is working at hazardous area for more than 15secs & the camera is monitoring it for loitering, its images can be sent to OpticVyu dashboad which can be manually reviewed by the site team for PPEs like harnesses, hats, jackets, and safety shoes.

Material Safety Monitoring

Material Safety Monitoring construction camera

Material safety is of utmost importance especially for remote sites deprived of continuous manual supervision. If material theft is a concern, the camera can be installed to check if any material is removed from the selected region. If so, images will be captured during material removal & sent to the OpticVyu dashboard for checking the activities. If found suspicious, immediate action can be taken.

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