Time Lapse Camera Application Areas

The OpticVyu camera is the best camera for Time-lapse videos. It is applicable in various sectors like agriculture, manufacturing, construction, railways, etc.

Time-lapse Camera in Construction

OpticVyu camera system helps in tracking project progress for numerous remote sites from a single platform. The project planning feature makes it easy to review planned & actual completion of tasks.

construction monitoring cctv

construction monitoring cctv

Time-lapse Camera in Agriculture

High-tech imaging devices are now used to observe the growth of vegetation, availability of water on the surface, presence of weed & pest across the agricultural lands. Time-lapse photography can be used to assess crop performance.

Time-lapse Camera in Railways Sector

From laying railway lines to constructing bridges over the river & valleys, systematically documented image data always help in avoiding costly delays. Tagging important events & creating a project timeline of major projects helps in reviewing the project progress within minutes.

construction monitoring cctv

Other Common Application Areas of Time-lapse Cameras

Right from traffic signals to monitoring public places, government departments have a huge responsibility to keep things regulated. Centrally monitoring the public activities help in an efficient administration. Specially developed for government projects, OpticVyu open-access tool can be publically accessed & creates a transparency solution.

Long term time-lapses can best witness the natural changes like melting ice, soil erosion, deforestation or plantation, etc. For creative purposes, some artists are interested in shooting short term timelapse to capture mountains, rivers, the position of the sun across the year, etc. Ex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYnXbOrpkj0

Visualizing long term processes of changes in the marine realm indicating the transformation of sites, objects & organisms is of great importance to researchers. These processes are too slow for human perception & can be remotely observed through timelapse videos captured over an extended period of time.

The power sector incorporates heavy machinery installations. Such operations have to be continuously monitored by the trained officials on-site & off the site. OpticVyu helps in monitoring & systematically documenting such operations. May it be the turbine in a power plant or a windmill installation on open ground, OpticVyu planning tool breaks down the activity into small events & produces event-based time-lapses to witness the minute details.

Manufacturing units produce thousands of units every day & keep an eye on every piece is difficult. But checking the pace of production & quality control on a daily basis is made simple through daily time-lapse videos. A 20-25 second video shows all the activities that occurred in the production area.

Time-lapse opens up an opportunity for tourism departments to attract people. Bring the heritage to the spotlight by creating amazing timelapse videos.

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