Time-lapse Construction Camera Faqs

For any query related to OpticVyu construction camera time lapse, CCTV & its features like live streaming, video storage, 360 view, etc. refer to these questions. If you still have any question related to OpticVyu construction monitoring services that is not listed here you can contact us by filling the Contact Form

Not Required. OpticVyu camera system comes with an inbuilt internetconnectivity system. Still, the overall functioning of camera system is highlydependent on strength of internet signal available at site and thus highstrength Wifi connection voluntarily provided by client at jobsite is highlyappreciable.

Yes. OpticVyu can integrate CCTV camera & provide live video along with HD images.

Time stamp showing capture time of an image is always adhered with each image. Additionally, time stamp also includes the client company’s name. Time stamp format will be “Project Name DD-MM-YYYY HH-MM-SS”.

24X7 uninterrupted supply of electricity & availability of camera installation location (Poles/Tower Crane etc) are the minimum prerequisites for camera installation.

As long as OpticVyu camera is installed at site, all the images will be stored on our cloud based storage and can be accessed through OpticVyu dashboard. Upon successful closure of project, camera images will be retained on cloud servers for an additional period of 30 days.

After completion of project and final settlement of payments, we will hand over all the archived image data stored during the entire project duration to the client.

Yes. Camera can always be moved on other locations of same site with prior notice to OpticVyu. While shifting a camera to other site locations keep in mind the following things:
  • Power supply should be continuous,
  • If Internet(wifi) is being provided by client, make sure that strength of internet signal at new location is adequate,
  • Mounting height should be high enough to cover intended site area and camera to remain undisturbed throughout, and
  • Sunlight in no case should directly strike the camera system. This can drastically reduce the image quality.
We prohibit the shifting of camera from one site to another. Camera settings are site specific and we strongly recommend using given camera on intended site only.

These are fixed positioned camera and are intended to continuously take images of area where they are initially pointing. Their orientation is fixed and cannot be changed via remote instructions.

OpticVyu initially provides a unique Admin-user ID & password to client. Admin can create new accounts and each account holder can create further accounts. Only admin has got special permissions to change camera and dashboard settings.

Usually it takes 10 seconds to upload captured images but depending upon the internet connection, it might take up to 30 seconds.

Theoretically unlimited. Our algorithms, over a small time period, takes requests from all the users and shares a unique image to fulfill all the requests in a go. For example, say 50 users have requested a live image over a period of 30 seconds, our proprietary algorithm returns a single image thus fulfilling live image requests of all users with least load on server.

No. OpticVyu is a web based service and can be accessed through almost all browsers. We prefer to use Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox for smooth browsing.

Your images can only be seen by the authorized users (with valid OpticVyu ID and Password). Your ID & password is transmitted to us in an encrypted form, meaning your login information is secured. All the images are called from our servers in a secure way and no one can access these images without valid login credentials.

CCTV camera is an obsolete method of surveillance using low quality videos with limited storage capabilities. Construction camera offer the following advantages over CCTV camera:
  • Unlimited storage capabilities
  • High image quality
  • Require low bandwidth to operate
  • Produces HD time-lapse videos
  • Wireless connections
  • Synchronization of mobile photos
  • Easy and streamlined tracking of past event
  • Captures images which can be annotated/marked and shared with concerned teams
Photos = Efficient, effective retrieval of information! cctv vs construction camera

You can always get in touch with us at admin@opticvyu.com

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